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Experience a former girls Catholic Ursuline College, now known as Arcadia Academy. Nestled amidst the resplendent landscapes of the enchanting Arcadia Valley, this opulent haven is actively being meticulously restored to serve as a haven for discerning travelers seeking respite. With its unique history, architecture, amenities & natural beauty, the Arcadia Academy is one destination retreat you’ll visit over and over again. 

Arcadia Academy

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Arcadia College was considered a top notch education that covered all aspects of learning development which included drama, music, religion, dance and art.   Today, we use these incredible rooms to bring visitors first rate entertainment options.  On any given weekend you can expect to participate in a great Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, Piano War, Comedians, Ventriloquists, music performances, Community Theater plays, festivals, car shows, conferences and much more!


Upcoming Events

Thee Abbey Kitchen

Located in Arcadia, Missouri, we offer a wide variety of American homecooked meals, baked goods (like our Famous Cinnamon Rolls), and unique custard flavors from our Creamery.


Whether you're looking for a quick bite or catering for a special event, we have something for everyone. Come visit us and taste the difference!

Bed & Breakfast

Arcadia Academy Bed & Breakfast embodies a sense of nostalgic comfort. Our well-appointed rooms are designed to provide everything necessary for a truly revitalizing stay. Featuring cozy beds and plush recliner couches, our accommodations are housed in tastefully decorated, roomy spaces, each with its own private bath and custom tub/showers. Our goal is to offer guests an oasis where they can relax and restore their spirits whilst enjoying a piece of American History.

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