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The former Ursuline Academy, now known as Arcadia Academy, is being restored and used as a premier destination vacation spot in one of the most beautiful and scenic parts of Southeast Missouri. With its unique history, architecture, amenities & natural beauty, Arcadia Academy is one destination vacation location you’ll visit over and over again. The peaceful beauty is the ideal place to make meaningful memories! View our Brochure 

The College was considered a top notch education that covered all aspects of learning development which included drama, music, religion, dance and art.   Today, we use these incredible rooms to bring visitors first rate entertainment options.  On any given weekend you can expect to participate in a great Murder Mystery Dinner Theater or a Piano War, maybe a Comedian, Ventriloquist, or Country,  Jazz or Gospel performance, Community Theater Plays, Festivals, Car Shows, health conferences and much more are coming your way this year!


Upcoming Events

Thee Abbey Kitchen

​Baked fresh daily from our Famous Cinnamon Rolls or Fresh Ground wheat flour we use for our Wheat Bread to our newest flavor of ice cream, only the finest ingredients go into every delicious treat.

Thee Abbey Kitchen not only serves the finest food to our guests and visitors, we also cater for any party or special occasion.

Bed & Breakfast

​Arcadia Academy Bed & Breakfast is all about restful comfort. We have luxurious rooms that contain everything to make your stay at the Academy as rejuvenating as possible. From the comfortable beds to our over-stuffed recliner couches housed in tastefully decorated spacious rooms with private baths and custom tub/showers, our Bed and Breakfast has everything you need to sooth a weary soul.

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